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Friday, 27 September 2013

27th of September - Me Cojo A Los Conejitos (270th Song)

This song is an old request that my friend Carlos Abeijón did. In the song should be a mansion doorbell and I should say "me cojo a los conejitos". It has double translation, the first one is that I fucked the little rabbits and the other one, that is the one that I used finally, is that I pick up the little rabbits. It about a supposed kidnapping of little rabbits and I go to the mansion where they are grounded to rescue them. 

Thoughts: I'm making a lot of Mexican style songs lately, what's going on? It's because I've been watching too much Breaking Bad and it reminds me Los Cuates de Sinaloa? Anyway, it's a childish song. I like to talk about little rabbit very childish. I did it before with my megahit La Canción de los Conejitos. I'm playing a Ranchera with the keyboard, it was gonna be a guitar but I changed my mind in the last minute because I didn't play keyboards too much lately. I was able to play the slow part with this weird chords, well, they are not weird but it's D major so it has a couple of black notes... I'm using the same technique lately to make like a some people are singing, change my voice and my position respect the mic as if I was a choir surrounding the mic. The voice is horrible, it's my own version of rancheros. I also played a sine wave and pitch bending it as if it were a theremin to do it like I entered in a haunted mansion. 

Enjoy it!

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