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Thursday, 26 September 2013

26th of September - Gintronic (269th Song)

Hey I feel like dance. Let's mix early 90's techno with funk!

Thoughts: This is probably one of the most enjoyable songs that I've done. I like how it feels. My performances in every instrument, even voice, are decent and the mixing too. I'm playing every instrument better, taking out good sounds from them choosing the right pickup or stumming in the best place and grooving to make them sound the best I can. I feel all this things and I hear the awful sounds when I play them, it was impossible for me to recognize this things before. It's like I've got a big step in my journey. Some techniques editing and choosing the right effects, having time to experiment and fill the gaps with things that lift the song up is something amazing. Feel good, feel dancing. 

Enjoy it!

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