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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

25th of September - Multitracking (268th Song)

Oh, the drums... Great instrument. It made me love music and I'm musician because of it. I love it so much that I don't care how bad my life is going or how hard my back is hurting because of it, I still want to play it forever. I made a drum solo and I bounced the tracks of each part to audio files so I could make my own mix of the whole kit, something that I hadn't done yet.

Thoughts: Now is more obvious than ever. I'm very musical with drums even when I've lost a lot of technique that of course I'm gonna bring back. I love drums and I'm gonna be a great drummer. FORTUNA Quest is just a distraction, something that will make me think more musically and then I'd be able to bring it to another level when I finish. 

Mixing every part was new for me. I played with Superior Drummer and the toms were together, but it's ok, at least I've starting doing this and I'm sure that it something important to learn in my life as drummer. I felt like snare and kick needed some compression and these both plus toms and hi hat needed some EQ. I don't like the mix very much but I indeed have learned a lot. It's sounds better than when I started from the raw mix. I used CLA76 comp for the bass H-comp for snare and API550B for all the eqs. I like API550B, unfortunately it doesn't have low and hi pass filters or shelvings.

Enjoy it!

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