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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

24th of September - Mr. Long Legs (267th Song)

I made a song with only bass today, I got inspired by Dexter's intro theme to do it. 

Thoughts: It was a long time since I played bass this much. It was very nice to feel those thick strings under my fingers again. I felt like grooving and I did I reckon. 

When I want to groove normally I make slow songs where the groove is more intense and difficult. This time I made it quite good, I was very focus and even recording a lot of tracks with an instrument that I don't master sounds quite tight. The title of the song comes from the image that came to my mind when I was playing the main bass line, I imaging a guy with very long legs walking slowly, very arrogant but just thinking inwards, not letting the external events affect him. It's a weird image, but I really see this. 

After recording everything I worked a lot on the sound, I don't know why (I guess I'm relaxed and in the mood) I just knew almost everything that I needed. I was working without hesitation, trying some things but around the effects and tools that I knew were gonna work. I realized that when I listen through the laptop speakers it's easier to hear what compression does to my tracks. 

Enjoy it!

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