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Monday, 23 September 2013

23rd of September - Heissenberg (266th Song)

Yesterday I was watching the episode before the last of Breaking Bad and I had a dream of a mexican song that reminded me to the song that a mexican band made to the blue meth and Heissenberg, I want to reply that song with this one. 

Thoughts: I've waken up at 6 in the morning with this rhythm and the trumpets and I ran to the toilet to try not to bother my sleepy girlfriend and I recorded all the little things that I had in my head. I went to bed again. When I woke up again I recorded this and made vocal melodies and lyrics that weren't in my dream. What amazes me more is that sounds very mexican and I haven't listened to any mexican song lately, I think... I also imagined the guitar rhythm and I had to invent my own technique to play these triplets, probably that technique is very normal but I taught it to myself. I wanted every hit to sound bright so I had to play with the nails up and down, normaly I only use my thumb to do this, but this time I used the other fingers for the downstrokes and the thumb for the upstokes. It was very hard to play it since I use the barre chords and I'm not strong enough, I even took my softest guitar to play it and I just played the pattern until I couldn't continue because of forearm pain. 

To record the bass and make it sound as similar to a guitarrĂ³n as possible I made up another technique, playing with the internal joint of my thumb and in a part of the string that brings a lot of bass frequencies. Very interesting. I really enjoyed playing this song and trying to make my best mexican accent. 

Que lo disfruten!

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