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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1st of October - False Alarm (274th Song)

I missed to use Reaktor, and I tried to learn something new watching tutorials, but I'm in a point where I have to practice more to understand some concepts, so finally I tried one of its multiple synth within. I made a song with 3 of them.

Thoughts: Today I wasn't very inspired, after a good row of good songs it was the turn of the bad songs, at least today. I just was enjoying playing the keyboards after I found some sounds touching the synths. It's a bunch of synths here that I didn't know at all, and they look very complete. I have to get deeper with these ones. My melody is done with a very large pitch bending amplitude, I wanted to try some stuff with it. I like how I start some notes going from very low to high. 

It's weird, I feel like my sounds are very cheap, somehow I'm improving and I can hear it but I'm so far to create good sounds... or at least that's what it feels. Anyway, if I don't practice I'll never be able, so let's keep going. By the way, I've done 3/4 of my first year, I'm very excited.

Enjoy it!

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