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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

2nd of October - Honey, I Shrunk the Song (275th Song)

What would happen if I play a ultra-fast song in the minimum tempo dictated by Logic and then you play it in the fastest tempo? This Is what I did.

Thoughts: Even when the song seems very stupid and extremely slow I was playing during 11 minutes as fast as I could. The tempo was 5bpm and my body was making smoke from such a speed for so long. It was so physical. Then I played it in 990bpm which is the maximum in Logic. If you see an audio wave you'll see the frequency of the waves, that determines the pitch. The higher frequency the less distance between the peaks and hence they are faster to happen. With a synth if you have, for example, an intermittent sound that sounds during one second and mutes during another one, if you start to increase the speed, there's a point where you don't notice the gaps between notes and after that you'll hear how the pitch is increasing. I wantet to find out if with MIDI this would happen and I was expecting to get notes since I was playing to fast and I increased the speed x200 almost. But no, it just skipped a lot of notes and actually it didn't read the turn off information from some notes. Once I noticed this I tried to stop the information playing just one note in all the tracks (I just discovered that you can enable multiple tracks to record them together) but didn't work, I had to automate it finally to mute. The actual sound last like 4 seconds, the rest is the notes held and the note that I used to try to stop it.

Enjoy it! (If you dare)

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