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Friday, 4 October 2013

4th of October - Lamb Shawarma Rap

I'm working in a Lebanese deli shop now, and the star dish is the shawarma wrap, I  made a tribute to it and have fun singing of what I'm doing in my work.

Thoughts: Following the steps of Run DMC I tried to sing an old school rap, the result is better than expected. I just put some layers of instruments that I thought they could work, and actually they did. I didn't have to mix too much because everything was sounding quite good. The drums sound is great and I even didn't pass the guitar and bass signal through an amp, and they work quite good, I'm not sure that an amp could improve them, I'm happy enough with this ones. Don't judge me if I'm saying something stupid, I just say what I feel right now that I'm very bad with mixing and producing.

Enjoy it!

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