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Saturday, 5 October 2013

5th of October - Train of Thoughts (278th Song)

I've had some memories from when I was working in the recording studio and they wanted me to make a cool song and the reference was Rudimental. Then I worked on this song that is kind of that style. 

Thoughts: Lately I feel skilled but non creative, it's like if I get any idea I can approach it very cool, but I struggle to have ideas. The only way to have ideas now is just sitting in front of the computer of take an instrument and play until something snaps in my mind.
This song is ok, I'm quite happy with the sound. I think this is my best electric guitar recording and performing so far. The same with the bass drum, it's just in its place. And I did a couple of accidental cool things. The first one was a synth that after recording it I was trying different sound and there was a random stylish one that did something much better than what I already had. The second was that I had a delay in my claps and I turned it up and it started to feedback a lot and sounded great, like some other djs that I heard before. 

Enjoy it!

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