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Monday, 7 October 2013

7th of October - The Solution (280th Song)

Finally we got a winner. The last song was The Final Countdown by Europe. Rebecca Dilg won the prize which is that I'll make a song dedicated to her. It's the second one that I'll dedicate to Rebecca, the other one was Zum Geburtstag for her birthday. Here it is... 

Thoughts: I wanted people to collaborate and have fun with FORTUNA Quest creating this constest, only two people answered though, 2 old fans. It's ok, can't complain, I had fun preparing this song and now I can unveil it. I had to chose the virtual instruments for this song as better as possible and I did very well, I tweaked them a little bit but basically they are Logic presets. Do you hear the track that I hadn't ever heard befor in the second 24 of the song. I ignored its existence.

Enjoy it!

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