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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8th of October - Rebecca Dilg (281st Song)

As I promised my next song would be to whomever guessed the secret song that I posted. She is Rebecca Dilg, my friend and the follower no.1 of Fortuna Quest. If someone deserves a song with its name this is Rebecca Dilg. 

Thoughts: One of the things that I like to do the most is personalized songs, something that I can share with my friends and maybe make them happy. I remember that the first one was Moro, Juanes, Felicidades. That was an incredible song and everyone loved it. I made some more and now is her turn. She told me in a PM that she didn't care what kind of music but she likes a lot of drums. I was thinking that I had never done Nu Metal and this was a perfect moment. They use very often a lot of percussion and I could practice different voices. 

I forgot to tune my guitars and bass but I think they sound enough tuned. But I don't know... the sound is so bad. I usually use to do it better and I couldn't find the way of making it sound better. I used the limiter in my voice and I sung very close to the mic like when I recorded 'Everywhere' and it kind of sound the same, I like some things of my voice sounding like that and other ones that I hate, but I start to see the character of the effects that I'm using a little bit more. I have better ear for the Eq as well, I don't know how to make things sound good, but I hear the little differences very well, so I think I'm in the right path. 

My computer is starting to have real problems to deal with all my recording information, I need a change. I guess next month I'll have a Macbook Pro. You can still donate so I can have better gear to record better shit. 

Enjoy it!

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