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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

9th of October - Happy Birthday The Musical (282nd Song)

Today is the birthday of my friend and colleague Jose Morales and I had to make a song for him taking advantage of his passion for musicals. The perfect chance to try a new genre for me.

Thoughts: It's great that sometimes when I'm thinking in making a song of a specific style I don't run to hear the music itself but I just use my brain and try to recreate the emotions and what I already know about that music. And I translate it in my own sounds. Said like this it sounds like I'm a genius channeling the energies with the power of my mind, I'm not even good musician, but it amazes myself which am very 'amazable'.

I don't know I came with this Miguel Rios-ish rock riff, a simple drum but with a good frenetic tempo (a little bit slower than I wanted, my fault) and rock and roll piano. It just fits with the idea. And then tons of voices. I tried each of them to sound different changing the timbre. I tried to do the high pitch voices and they were too high for me and I realized, oppositely of my concept of physics, that I exhale more air with high notes so I just can spend very few seconds holding the note. I added a reverb to make the illusion of everyone playing in a theater and I didn't pan the instruments for the same reason, to make it sound more 'live'. Happy birthday habib!

Enjoy it!

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