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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

10th of October - Designer (283rd Song)

I'm extremely late writting the posts, I had so many changes in my life recently and complications to make my daily song, but I'm here again. I'll try to be very fast updating so I'm not gonna write long posts. This song is with a drum kit sound through EXS24 sampler and then using the delay designer. 

Thoughts: I haven't done much with the sampler, the important thing was with the delay. The main characteristic of the sound is this flappy paper effect, I did it putting a very fast delay with a band pass and that makes the effect. then I was trying everything that I could with the designer, very complete and easy to use now that I know so many parameters (thanx FORTUNA Quest!). And I master it now. Well, I know what every knob does now it's matter of trying everything, but yeah, knobwise it's easy to use. I like it. As you heard there are more than one repetition, I tried everything with volumes, pans and EQs. Lots of fun

Enjoy it!

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