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Monday, 11 November 2013

11th of October - Chez Tony (284th Song)

Some years ago I went to Paris with my friends Mata and Gato to see my favorite band A.C.T. It's a great trip knowing an unknown city and country for me and having fun with french people. Everything there closed very soon and it was difficult to find a place to eat something late at night. But we discovered this place called Chez Tony where they made incredible pizzas and inside the chief and the employees were having party every night. Great memories at Chez Tony. Mata came to my house today to make a song and we were talking about how cool Chez Tony was. Hopefully we can get there back soon. 

Thoughts: Making music with Mata is always a good opportunity to learn some basics and also teaching skills. Mata is a talented guy willing to learn and I always teach him what I know and explaining it makes me ensure what I'm talking about hence I'm making the knowledge stronger. Very nice. I wanted to try an easy technique that I didn't know how to do and it's very used nowadays: To change the pitch of a clip, I wanted to change just a little fragment buy I couldn't do that, I just could change a whole clip. I have to learn that later though. So I whistle randomly and raised up the pitch a lot. I don't know about the algorythm of this technology, I just expected to hear my whistle very high but, as the time was meant to be kept the whole sound changed a lot and became a weird typewritter-ish sound and I turned it a important part of the song. Then Mata chose a good rhythm and we started to work. 

I was trying a lot of automation stuff, I'm very bad using it yet so I was doing some attempts with weird parameters. We created a synth sound together after I explained him how a synth works, that made me get deep in one of the Ableton Live synth that I had never used before. We learned a lot from this. And finally the cherry on the top: Accidentally I had the monitor on and because we were recording in Mata's laptop that, sincerely, is horrible, the sound was making feed back and I was recording it in the best moment. You can see like a growing feedback that created a very interesting element in the song, and space to explode without using crashes or big chords. I really liked this. 

Enjoy it!

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