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Monday, 11 November 2013

12th of October - Shamisynth (285th Song)

I wanted today to replicate the shamisen sound with a synth. That was the only goal. Did I get it? Check it!

Thoughts: There's this synth in Ableton Live called Collision that was very easy to figure out to make the sound that I wanted. It should be a plucked string instrument and the sound of a dry hit of  the bachi striking the skin. So this was the perfect synth because combines this two elements. I tried so many things and I knew very well the synth, trying everything before started to try to get the sound, just for fun. Finally I did the necessary tweaks until I get my best. After that I just had to play some music. The main rhythm it's very stupid, and for the solo I use the traditional japanese scale with few little variations. Tried some bendings too, most of them very lame. But I think the approach was good enough and I learned a lot of the use of this synth. I'm starting to see all this similarities with other synths. 

Enjoy it!

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