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Friday, 15 November 2013

16th of October - Wanted (289th Song)

Guys I need your help, I'm getting crazy. I recorded this song and I need to know who the artist is. I'm looking for any clue, any idea to find a clue, any hint with the lyrics which I don't understand at all, if it's english, japanese, korean or whatever. Anything!!! I'm thinking even pay for clues, I think it could be my next favourite artist. And I've been trying for ages.

Thoughts:  I recorded this song from a japanese festival, they just played it from the player between to acts performances. Why would I do that? Because I really loved it. I was hearing it that loud and I couldn't believe how elegant it was and how the electronic music sounded modern, original and not too heavy. Then they played another song, presumibly was the same artist and I couldn't believe it! Another hit. My mistake was not to be space in my mobile enough to record it, I started to delete photos but it was too late. I tried to get it with Shazam and Soundhound, they didn't find it. After that I went to talk with the sound mixer, I couldn't ask him in person because security staff didn't allow me to get in but the security guy went to ask him and he even didn't know what song was it. Then I asked a lot of Japanese people that were there and they didn't know too. I registered Japanese forums to ask, nothing. I asked in facebook and asked all the people who could have japanese friends (I just hope it's a japanese song). I had a new Shamisen lesson and I asked my teacher and his flatmates. It's impossible!!! I tried also getting some of the lyrics and google it. I understand "Feel so good feel so nice" or something similar, nothing else, but still not enough information for google.

So here I call everyone to help me, I'm uploading the song as I recorded it and then other version with Eq trying to make the lyrics sound clearer. 

Please, any tool to isolate the lyrics, any app that might be like shazam but for japanese music, any trick, any radio show that could help to find it, any word that you understand from lyrics, a translation with kanjis, anything! Help!!!!

Enjoy it!

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