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Friday, 15 November 2013

15th of October - Last MYN Jam (288th Song)

As you may know I have a band called Myernark (MYN for shortcut), we often use the rehearsals to jam and create freely. I gotta go to Spain soon so this will be my last rehearse, hence the last jam with them.

Thoughts: It was so sad to think that this one was gonna be the last rehearse. Fortunately we have still on gig where we can enjoy playing together. We played this song full of groove and good ideas, also a lot of mistakes and bad changes. It's not easy to improvise well our music which is changing very sudden and very often. But doing this he had our best songs, ideas are everywhere. And as you can hear, we stretch the song a lot to get a good number of good ideas everytime.

Enjoy it!

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