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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

14th of October - Merenguito (287th Song)

I went to see Juan Luis Guerra to Royal Albert Hall tonight, It was awesome! I felt that I was watching a genius, and I feel bad because I was in bad mood and didn't enjoy it as the event deserved. I tried to emulate his sounds, did I get it? NO!!! But I tried it.

Thoughts: The songs were sounding one by one, hit by hit, all the music was amazing, the sounds wasn't the best though, I was very far from the stage. But I could analyze a lot of information of the rhythms and how the different instruments worked together. I struggle to get the vibe harmonically though. I had to do it short because I'm tired and I was struggling a lot to make it sound good, my brain was heating up. I like the horns at the end.

Enjoy it!

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