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Saturday, 30 November 2013

17th of November - Dub Prance (321st Song)

Do you know about Dubstep? It's invading as like martians. It's a weird music but very strong and full of modulation. 

Thoughts: As much as I try I'm not able to make anything as cool as I hear in dubstep music. I'm not very fan but I only hear wobbling sounds but it's much more than that. The compressions are very cool, the EQ and all the elements together making weird things that don't make much sense by themselves. But I can't do anything hearable. My drums are soooooo weak, my wobbling bass also very weak. I don't know how to improve this. 

I'm using Massive as the professionals use and I don't find the combinations that make it sense. I used automation tho the rate of the LFO that I didn't know how to do, but finally I found it. I understand a lot of the possibilities of the automation.

Enjoy it!

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