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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

1st of November - Whistle Snare (305th Song)

Well, here I am, in Madrid again, with millions of boxes full of stuff, new rooms to fill and good expectations. I'm very tired and I unpacked just few things of a random box, no instruments in that one, CRAP! So I opened my snare drum case and did something with it.

Thoughts: I was thinking of playing something with the snare drum played with my stick but when I was tuning it I whistled against the skin and there was an amazing effect occurring, the mix between the whistle, the snares and one default harmonic together trapped me and I just imporvised something mixing whistle and some hits with my hands. Really crap stuff but I wanted to record that before something can happen and that sound disappear. If it doesn't I want to record it with different mics and capture the magic of that sound. And, of course, rehearse my whistling and prepare a song to highlight the sound.

Enjoy it!

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