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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

2nd of November - Manolo Escobar (306th Song)

It's my second day in Madrid and I already have to go to work to Avila. An hour and a half journey to get frozen in the building where we rehearse. I recorded one of the songs that we are playing today, a Manolo Escobar medley really cheap.

Thoughts: I was missing a long rehearsal and play some of the songs that I was playing before I went to London to live. I realised how much I improved in these years and how more musical I am, and how better I listen to the music. I immediately became the MD of the band. That's weird when I've always been the one that obeys other directions. And also discover how much it sucks to play in a band with an electronic kit, the dynamics aren't cool, sometimes the bass drum doesn't sound, the cymbals sound incredibly bad and sometimes you hit very soft in the wrong place of the head and it sounds hard.

Manolo Escobar is famous because of his 'Pasodobles' and this medley is kind of techno version, I don't like it at all but it's fun to play . The sound is horrible because I just turned my mobile on to record it and the building has metallic walls and ceiling and it's quite empty, plus it's huge, so the sound bounces a lot.

Enjoy it!

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