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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

3rd of November - 3/11 (307th Song)

The number 311 is chasing me since some years back, it's also a band that I love and they always make me smile, I took advantage of today being the 3rd day of the 11th month to celebrate it with a 311 stylish song. 

Thoughts: At the beginning it was supposed to be a song with 2 voices like 311 but finally it took more time to record than expected, between setting up the drumkit, composing the riff and some failures in the recording. I really regret that I couldn't record the voice, but so is FORTUNA Quest, if I miss one train I can't catch it back. My guitars sond very week always, i don't know what's the problem yet. I need some experts to advise me because I'm always very ashamed with the distortion mainly. Maybe my guitar, my interface or/and my mix aren't good, the same with the bass and the drums I can't spend much time being picky with each piece because of time. Anyway I did my best and it's very 311ish. I think some ideas are just the same as some of their songs. I couldn't be more creative, it's not easy to get in their skin. 

Enjoy it!

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