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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

4th of November - La Le Li Lo Lu (308th Song)

I had everything set down in my studio and I didn' have much time and no idea of what to do. I had something in the buttom of my mind that I wanted to try, what if you sing the same melody with different vowels? 

Thoughts: Everything is messy in my life now, to many things to do, paperwork, work work, learning songs for my jobs etc. I don't want to record everyday a song of my cover band so I had to get some time to make some extra time to make FORTUNA Quest stuff. In this case this experiment was good for me to answer the question done before. And it's curious how good they fit, it's like playing with a synth. You can hear all the voices very clearly because I separated them from left to right. But together you it's even a more compact sound that can be used for synth lead lines for example, I will do. 

I used the autotuner of Logic because I sing very bad and I wanted to be accurate with the notes just in case but what I really got is that the voices sound like vibing very badly, very weird. 

Enjoy it!

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