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Monday, 25 November 2013

27th of October - Las Pinzas (300th Song)

How to make music using tweezers:

-1st: Take your tweezers
-2nd: Make it vibe hitting it against whatever.
-3rd: Press record
-4th: Have fun

Thoughts: Because I'm not working now and I don't have my instruments anymore I'm being lazy, I laid on my bed with this tweezers while watching something on youtube when I hit the tweezers and approached them to my ear because. The sound of the vibration is so hypnotic that I had to make a song with that.

I spend some time finding the location of the iPhone 5 mic. Got it! Just left aside the charger input on the buttom. After that I tried some things that I might use for this and recorded them so I could listen what's cooler than not cool. And I recorded this things, percussions and the sounds coming in and out from the mic. I like when from something silly I learn stuff and see what can I use in the future. 

Enjoy it!

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