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Monday, 25 November 2013

28th of October - Lullavice (301st Song)

I'm still just with my mobile to record music I need to spend all my bullets, today is the turn of my old friend app MusicStudio. Ideal app to have fun and perfect for experimenting with electronic easy stuff that you can turn more complex in a real pro DAW. I made a popular lullaby, what's special on that?

Thoughts: Well, I wanted to turn the lullaby (I don't know the name, shame on me) onto a creepy nightmare-ish one. How? Using chromatic stuff that always work for that purpose and the rest wasn't clear. But I felt like experimenting some stuff, the first thing was to try to make the sounds get lower and lower in a sine wave way. But How could I get that with this app? So I got an idea, chop every note in small pieces and use the tool that allows to change volume progressively which only works with different events. So I created lines of velocity from 0 to 127 smooth and evenly. Since I could hear every event I though to make a bass line doing the same but turning up the release so maybe the sounds would overlap each other and it'd make an even sound. Opposite to this thought it sounded very bad but it helps to the creepy concept that was the core of the song. 

Then I used the chromatic scale with a spiky sound that reminds me Chucky chasing you with a knife with not the best intentions. 

Enjoy it!

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