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Thursday, 28 November 2013

7th of November - 10-Way Cordination (311th Song)

There's an exercise that I was used to do to train subdivisions. I play quarter-notes followed by quarter-note triplets, then 8th-notes, 8th-note triplets, 16ths, quintuplets, 16th triplets, septuplets, 32ths and ninetuplets, if they are called like that. I used to play them one by one with my hands, but I was curious of how they would sound all together, so I did. 

Thoughts: Septuplets and ninetuplets were more difficult than the rest because they are closer and the beats are quicker plus I didn't want to play the accents on the beat because it's easier for me since I'm alternating the hands so on every beat I can check when I switch between left and right after a bunch of hits and I do want to get used to their sounds and not relay on which hand is playing. It's curious how difficult is to know where the beat is. 

I had to choose the right instruments to make everything be audible, with different timbres in order to them to not clash sounding together. 

Enjoy it!

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