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Thursday, 28 November 2013

8th of November - Corrido Silbado (312th Song)

I feel mexican again, it's something that happens so often, maybe was my relation with Mexicans during the last 3 years and my month living in there. I played a mexican style mixed but sounds like a spanish copla.

Thoughts: It must be because I'm learning this song called Madrecita Maria del Carmen and it's very similar, althought the guitars at the beginning where the spine of my idea. I wanted to play some Tuna style picking. The Tuna is something typical in Spain, a university society of drunken guys that plays all songs wearing ridiculous clothes of the spanish golden century. And they play laud and this string instruments of that age. I did it very well, better than expected just with my acoustic guitar. I also played the bass with the guitar turning down the 6th string one semitone because the tonality was Eb and I learned a lot playing the bass line and trying so much different things. Very fun!

I was running out of time before my family went to bed and I took advantage to try something that I wanted to try time ago, myself whistling. The last time I did was horrible. Now I did better because the antipop in front but still not very happy. I'm gonna investigate.

Enjoy it!

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