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Thursday, 28 November 2013

9th of November - Cumpleaños Infeliz (313th Song)

Today is my birthday, far to feel happy I'm having a personal crisis. I decided to express my frustrations through the music in such an special day. 

Thoughts: I was wandering with my guitar hunging and I found exactly the chords that suited with my mood. I like when I get something in music that I really mean. Most of the times are sad or melancholy songs but with a bit of bright at the end. It's like I'm letting optimism to show up after feeling bad. I consider myself someone that is very optimistic about the future and I can hear that in my music. That optimism that I'm talking about is the chord before the last. It's like the clouds are opening to let you intuit a bright that you wanna go towards. 

I really like this song and it sound s bit like Standstill, one of the spanish bands that I more respect. They have this kind of vibe as well. But I feel they sound more traumatized by their past. It's a very intimate song that says a lot about me. Hope you like.

Enjoy it!

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