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Thursday, 28 November 2013

10th of November - Drums (314th Song)

I got a new Macbook Pro and I finally installed the basics to use to make music. Unfortunatelly I need a firewire cable 400 to 800 to make it work with my M-Audio interface. But I could install Logic X that I couldn't in the other computer because it didn't work with old OS. And they are some changes in this Logic that I wanted to try. One of them is Drummer, a device that makes easy to create drumbeats depending on your needs.

Thoughts: I like this concept, it's a drumkit where you choose the parameters that you need and it makes something that fits in that need, instead of choosing a pattern from a list. You can choose the complexity of the pattern, the softness/hardness and the importance of any of the different elements that you have enable before if you wanted them to sound at all. I was trying to make changes of tempo, time signatures and these parameters to see how it works. I did a lot of discoveries very interesting, but I'm not sure that I'll use this much when I start to record my songs in future years, I'm a drummer! I prefer to learn how to record it properly and play what I need than relegate the role to a machine, seriously!

Enjoy it!

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