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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Least Bad of October 2013

This has been the worst month for FORTUNA Quest by far, it's been the new April but worst. In April I moved to a new house and it was bad, but this time I'm left the country, I had to prepare everything to go to Madrid, I closed contracts, I had to pack all my instruments and I went without them for longer than one week, I wanted to spend my last month with my girl and I orginized some events that I wanted to do before I left. I'm writting this in the end of November because I had some backlog of October and the same is happening in November now. Too much paperwork and setting up of my studio, my drumkits, think how it's gonna be, learning songs for the cover band and my work teaching, but I'm getting updated I can be proud because it looks that I'm gonna end this year, and even with loads of mistakes but I've learned from them.

Enjoy it!

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