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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

31st of October - Bye London (304th Song)

I'm leaving London today, I spend the best 3 years in my whole life and I needed to tribute this amazing place full of culture and cultures. I'm gonna miss it a lot and all the people that I left back. And hopefully this is the last time in a while that I'll use the mobile to record. I used all my apps and because I can't save, since they're free versions, I can't record any other with the same app.

Thoughts: Today is an emotional day, loads of tears, last sights to the places that I love, the woman that I love. It's being weird. It seems like I'm dreaming. I'm coming to Madrid to get focus on FORTUNA Quest, work in a cover band, teach drums and save money for future plans. Now I'm scared because I'm not a big fan of Madrid, and much less Boadilla del Monte this boring town empty and posh. Also I'm gonna live with my parents again in order to save money and that, trust me, it's gonna be hard. 

To make this song I thought about a gorgeus melody and harmony that I had to translate in separate tracks with my voice. That was quite easy, the problem was to get an even tempo. I used RecordStudio app because it includes a click track and I recorded the bass line, my mistake was not to make a gap between same notes (which are the most important of the verse). Why? Because when I wanted to record the on next track the click was desynchronized with the voice. CRAP! So I just had to trust in my instinct and my good choice of tempo, and I recorded as good as I could, not that bad after all. Then the third voice was a little bit easier, and the voice piece of cake. 

I spent some time making the lyrics, I'm not very very happy with it but I'm noticing when some characteristics of the lyrics fit with the music. It creates a magical bound and it's easier for me to know what to talk about and some words that are perfect for it. Still having difficulties creating a good journey but, I feel like I'm on track. 

I also discovered that when I take a lot of breath to be able to sing long notes I get higher in pitch. This discovery is gonna change my life. I'm sure of that. 

Enjoy it!

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