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Monday, 25 November 2013

30th of October - Vocal Tapping (303rd Song)

Sometimes as drummer I challenge myself with rhythmic issues, this time I'll do it with my voice being rhythm the whole point. I'm trying to insert notes in the offbeat creating the illusion of a tapping on the guitar. How difficult could it be?

Thoughts: I was facing a lot of problems here, the first and more obvious it just to insert the notes in the gaps between note in a high speed. Secondly I had to try to do everything evenly and long enough so I didn't want to stop because of breathing. The third problem was I had to stop soon enough to let the next note to sound without interfering. I didn't get this one. For the second one I thought that, since I was using my phone to record and I have a 4-track recorder, I could record the tapping in to different sections, so I could record the first on-beat notes for a 8 bars and then stop to breath, allow some rest and start again later, then record the off beat in another track doing the same, and after that filling the big gaps doing exactly the same. For the inserting notes problem I just had to practice a lot and even doing it I'm not doing very well, but I heard the difference between the first recording and the last and it's massive. I learned some trick to do this better, and it's worth it to try to do it better in the future, because I love the sound when I do it well.

Enjoy it!

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