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Monday, 2 December 2013

20th of November - TASCAM (324th Song)

My friend Iñigo lend me his TASCAM desk to try to fix it. I just wanted to make it work and record through it. 

Thoughts: New device within reach. I was trying to make it work in my new Mac but for any reason the drivers to use it don't work with the last Apple OS. I think this is a horrible mistake from TASCAM,  how can this happen? It's a great machine and you can't use it because. I managed to make it work in my old Mac and it was cool, I just was figuring out how it worked. At soon as I connected it I could control Logic from the desk's faders, that's so cool! New feeling and very good. I could play the track and mute any track and more things. I wasn't able to control some features such as soloing and record and I didn't know how to enable them if that's possible. 

Anyway, I had 8 track that I could control from the desk and as soon as I opened a bus for reverb the last track of the desk was linked to that one disabling it to control the 8th track on Logic, so finally I opted to record 7 tracks. Firstly I tried the midi input with the drums which worked perfectly and recorded my track, then 3 instrument sections experimenting with some synts and finally voices in order to use the phantom power and the XLR inputs. I forgot to use the instrument inputs and I'm not sure that I have any device to use the inserts, in a second session with this controller I'll use more features. My favorite part is the voices, it's very easy but makes the song to move forward without changing. Fun and instructive day.

Enjoy it!

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