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Monday, 2 December 2013

21st of November - Neptuno Show (325th Song)

Another rehearsal with my cover band and I wanted to record trhough the mixer in the rehearsal space. Something went wrong.

Thougths: I brought my laptop all the way to Avila with cables for the recording, I plugged them in and the instruments were sounding, so I enabled the the monitor and it recorded sound so I said to myself: 'Yeah, it's working!!' and I started to record. We played a lot and when I arrived home I checked the recording. I had recorded the sound that my laptop's mic captured not the signal from desk. ARGGGHH! I failed. After that I figured out the way to do it properly next time, so I'm looking forward that day. I chose the one that sounded better, and sound really bad.

Enjoy it!

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