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Thursday, 5 December 2013

22nd of November - Mike The Kit (326th Song)

Today is the first day that I'm gonna set mics to record my kit. So excited!

Thoughts: After almost 11 months of FORTUNA Quest I finally do what I think is one of the most important assignments: Recording real drums. I need it. I'm a drummer and if I can record well drums my possibilities increase exponetially. My brother has some mics to do this: a couple of 57s, another Rhode NT1 as the one that I'm always using for recording voices, one AKG D112 and one Sennheiser E604 with a clip to hook it to my toms or the snare drum. I found just more cable than I use to have, so now I can plug just 3 mics. I decided that I should try the D112 for the kickdrum (I don't have stands enough too so I just put it inside the kick drum on a blanket), the 57 for snare drum and the Rhode for ambient. I can do later more experiments. 

When I connected them I turned on my old laptop, because I don't have a cable yet to use my interfaces with the new one, and then I decided to use the TASCAM again, because the MOTU was plugged and under some stuff and it was gonna be tedious to bring it, so I'll use the TASCAM as long as it's at home to record drums, its new home is the drums room.

I opened 3 tracks and I started to try signals. Such a good feeling when the 3 mics worked together perfectly and I was able to record them. Seems silly that I haven't done this before, it's so easy and so special. I really felt like a kid with a new toy, and enjoyed every second of the process. I'm gonna do it very well in the future, seems like I found a massive piece of the jigsaw. 

Finally the mixing was weird, I didn't know well what to do, if the record was good enough or which effects I should use. I decided today just to listen to it a lot and use a little bit of compression for the bass drum and EQ to everything. And I can say that I improved the sound, not too much but I did it.
Today is the first day of a new life.

Enjoy it!

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