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Thursday, 5 December 2013

23rd of November - Tom & Mike (327th Song)

Taking advantage of that I had the mics set up on my kit I decided to try some toms recording, so I could use the mic that I didn't use the last time.

Thoughts: I think I'm enjoying this too much. This time I used 2 57s and the E604 for the lower tom. I tried this one for the higher tom as well, but I didn't find any difference between the 57 and this one. My ear is not that fine yet. This reminds me the amount of good experiments that I've thought to do on next year because I'll have more time for my songs, so I'll be able to experiment more. I was thinking of using all my mics to record a lot of things one by one with all the mics together and compare them in under every circumstance. This is just one of all the experiments I'm thinking. 

I paid special attention in the tunning of the toms, I spend some time doing it and being sure the pieces are very balanced from each other. Then I recorded, twice, changing the E604's position. And the mixing was more difficult this time: panning, EQ,  compression. The recording was asking these FXs. I feel that the toms sound ok, not great, but when I play low it sounds to loud, I don't know how should I fix this in the best way, turning up the volume in the low parts or maybe using more compression to make the dynamics smaller?

Anyway, I started today a list of all those things that I need to buy to make good drum recordings and FORTUNA Quest stuff in general. The first thing will be a firewire cable to be able to use my new laptop with my interface. Then some cables and stands, and then more mics.

Enjoy it

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