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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

23rd of December - La Niña (357th Song)

Today I was listening to the radio and they played Cambao, a flamenco-chill band, the song, called "Ahí estás tú" was very good, full of good vibes and I could feel the heat of the south sun. I decided to do someething that could represent that vibe. 

Thoughts: Today I also bought (well, my mother...) a strings set for spanish guitar, and I learned how to set them. After my guitar (well, brother's...) was ready, I played some chords, flamenco music should be major chords, actually they use to use phrigian major harmony. But I couldn't find a way to make that sound chill. So I turned to minor and... I got the vibe. Later on, when I checked the harmony of Chambao's song, I realised that the cadency was the same one, just 3 semitones over. I did it slower because my chill mood is very very lazy and slow. And I played, some melodies and I tried to sing in a gypsy way, it sounded very weird, more Sevillian and my voice is like a famous singer here in Spain from Asturias called Victor Manuel, so imagine what a mess... I played spanish guitar on it to make it sound 'spanisher', a fan told me that it doesn't sound flamenco chill at all, whatever... it's more chill thatn flamenco, that's for sure. I used delays to give it this oniric feel. 

And finally a guitar solo. Hey, I was waiting for this day for so long, I've been trying my nails to grow up to play guitar with them grown during 6 months maybe, and today was the day. I think I'm gonna play one or two more and cut them off, I'd like to learn how to play with them, it feels good and the intention of each finger is very important, but I'm breaking them all the time and and I need to care about them too much. So tiring, and then I grab the bass and I can't play it with my finger tips comfortably. So, yeah, I'll cut them off soon and I'll do a normal life. I'm quite happy with my guitar performance, just two takes and it sounds ok, good feelings involved.


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