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Monday, 23 December 2013

22nd of December - Reggaeton (356th Song)

I've been waiting this day for so long, the day that I get my mother rapping and my father making some voices. It's a reggaeton, a genre that I kind of tried some time ago but not singing (or rapping) . 

Thoughts: Yes! I did it. There's nothing funnier that a parent rapping, I've always thought that and now I reaffirm it. This was one of my favourite sessions, very funny. It was very exciting all over the house because of it. Just the fact of seeing my parents with the headphones on in front of a mic waiting for my signal to start singing is priceless. I gave some lines to my mother. You know that reggaeton is a very male chauvinist genre, I wanted that to be balanced in some way, so I give my mother to play the role of the woman that can defend herself from the cocky comments of the man. She rapped very well and just in one take she was done. She's a groovie woman, she grew up with all the Motown records imaginable and got her lines instantly. My parents also sorted a improvised choir with me where we repeat numbers and two of them inwards: 'tres' and 'seis'.

I don't know how or why but I'm doing my grooves sound more powerful, maybe because I stack layers better, the grooves are stronger per se or my treatment for the sound is better, or just a sum of all of them. I tried a technique that I saw for voices but I used with a clap that is to take whatever (the clap in this case), copy it and reverse the wave, then I add a big reverb and I put this just before the sound that I copied. It makes it to sound like grow with a lot of power and then the clap would be the explosion.

I had some issues with the drum machine, I don't know why I recorded the clap in a percussion track inside of the drum machine stack and it didn't work, it was controlled by the snare track, so it's not independent, I had to create another drum machine to make it sound independently and be able to turn up the volume and pan it. Something similar happened with the hi-hat, I used a semi-opened hi-hat sound to sound over the kick drum, it was in the hi-hat 1 track. In the hi-hat 2 track I had a closed hi-hat. The problem was that the first one sounded like a closed one! I don't know why yet, I tried everything, I just skipped to fix it. I could have opened a new drum machine, but it wasn't worth it. I also had problems trying to reverse the clips, when I the clip is duplicated it's attached to the original one so if I reverse it I reverse the other one, I suspected that this could happen, that's the reason that I made my parents to say the words already inwards, to be able to use them. Now I'm thinking that I could have import the clip again from my hard drive so I could use it independently. (Am I using the word 'independent' a lot?) Maybe it's not the best way to do it, but is good to find the way to fix things even if this is not the best way.

I screwed my voice a little bit singing this, just few takes but I tried to get a rougher tone and it was hurting, fortunately I stopped in time to not get it damaged. 

Enjoy it!

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