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Saturday, 21 December 2013

21st of December - Heavy Tread (355th Song)

My amp is broken and I wanted big distortions today, I didn't want to plug my guitar into the interface either, I decided just to find a funny sound to make something special.

Thoughts: Pfffff I'm so tired. I just made this song. The guitar sound is really weird, it's a default synth called Amped Synth Lead. I created this riff that I like and the bass line suits very well too. The bass is from Kontatk and I tried to find the way to automate the pitch bending of Kontakt, but the values that you can automate are called #004, #033 and numbers like that, it's a massive list and you don't know what you're touching. So I did it with the pitch bending of logic, it's easy to use but, damn, the program got crazy! Every time that I played a part the bass was sounding different, like having the pitch bending values altered and it annoyed me so much, I didn't know how to fix that or what was the reason, it started as soon as I change it, but the funny thing is that it wasn't constant, each time a different bend. In the last part I just cracked out, nothing fitted, so many notes and they were sounding different and I changed them and then it changed the pitch again. So it was difficult to continue the song and try new parts. After 3 hours I think I don't know why I heard it from top to the end (maybe the problems is something that happens because you play the song from a weird place) and it sounded cool. Time to bounce.

I like the sound of the drum kit, it's the modern drums pluggin in Kontakt, and added a big echo that sounds similar to some Deftones drums, and I enjoyed that, the drums sounding alone fills the space so good.

Enjoy it!

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