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Friday, 20 December 2013

20th of December - I'll See You In The Past (354th Song)

I've done more improvements with Reaktor, I wanted to prove it making a song with sounds of my own synthesizer. How cool is it getting?

Thoughts: Hey, do you hear it? It my synthesizer making quite good sounds. Wooooooh! I made it from scratch and I decided to put 4 oscillators with individual amplitude, pitch tune and fine tune and then envelope and filter. After that I used a drum machine and used few automation on EQ and volume. I used the Silverb which the default values were perfect for my needs. 

I like very very much the first part of the song, sound very full and original, dark, interesting and intense. To be done with such a basic synth is cool, I love it. I'm making things sound better just when I'm finishing the year, perfect timing. The second part is very bad, good idea but bad performance. I'ts because I'm not cool making changes with electronic music, I overload my brain with too many things and I get patientless very soon, so it'll be good when I have more days to think, rethink, fix and hear the music with fresh ears. I want that to happen so bad!

Enjoy it!

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