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Thursday, 19 December 2013

19th of December - Misery (353rd Song)

I've grabbed the guitar today and tried some beautiful chords, that express the misery in the world and how someone can feel alone and that no one takes care of them.

Thoughts: At the beginning I was gonna sing this song but while I was finding out a melody I started a make this noise that might be a trombone, and sounded so lonely and sad that I opted to use it instead of the voice. A reverb that makes it sound far away from reality would make it a great element for this song.

To record it I decided to use my shitty spanish guitar. Why? I like the mellow sound of the nylon strings, even if it's impossible to tune it very well it deserves to be the sound of this song. I find very difficult to record it in this room, the computer is making noise and the room is so naked and with plenty of ugly reverberation. I hid it with another reverb that kind of works. To process the sound of the voice I used the reverb, a massive one and EQ and a pinch of compressor, the dynamics were evern worse before.

Enjoy it!

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