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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

18th of December - Cymbaland (352nd Song)

Have you seen this video where Gavin Harrison make a song adding cymbals? It's called 'The Cymbal Song". I firmly recommend it. I'll embed it for you. 


This is my version of this concept: 

Thoughts: I'm watching now the video and I see how he used a condenser mic very close to record it, I used a condenser very  far which captured a lot of my room that I didn't like it very much, and also a SM57 very close to give it more presence and ping. I'm gonna talk about the sounds that I made. The first one is like a bass drum, I put a stick in the hole in the middle of the biggest ride cymbal that I have and hit the butt of the stick with the wide side of another stick. Then I played the same ride cymbal held on the floor toms of my drum kit, it made it buzz a little bit because the contact between the hoop the toms and it. Then I played the crashes that I use to use to recreate a very dark china and muted the low one with my legs and I hit the top of the bell and a side which makes a sizzle effect. Then I took the upper cymbal of the stack of crashes to play the 'scratches' with the damaged edge, it's like a saw, actually I cut a part of my stick doing this. Then I played one by one the edge of my hi hat, a 16" cymbal and a 18" cymbal.

The mix was very good I used noise gate, compressor and EQ of Logic X on all of the cymbals. The compressor have options to choose between different types of compressors, I was experimenting a little bit there. The FET ones were more crispy, the VCA ones more solid, the vintage weaker and darker and so on. It's good that I'm realising between the difference of each compressor. I feel like my ear is getting much better. I hear as well how crucial is the work of a compressor. It gives a lot presence to the sound, it's like polishing any sound, maybe sometimes it doesn't work but I've beed doing great things today, I can control how wide I want the dynamic range, lengthen the tail of a sound, control the transients, etc. I even left 2 cymbals without using compression and the difference is crazy, they sound so weak and distant.

Enjoy it!

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