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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

17th of December - Get Better (351st Song)

Do you have any friend, familiar or anyone that you love who is in a hospital? This song is for all of them. 

Thoughts: I have a friend, which is brother of a best friend, very sick, he loves Spanish 80's pop and I chose this style for him, but my Taiwanese friend has her sister in a hospital too after a motorbike accident, she talks in english so I made the lyrics to be understandable for both of them and pass them all my positive energy to make them get better. They are people that I love and I thought it everything positive in this situation can help, this is my small contribution.

I'm a little bit upset because it's an important song and the melody is very bad, and my voice too. I wanted something more special. The guitars are good, not my perfromance, but yeah it could be perfectly a Spanish pop song.

I was trying some Waves pluggins for this one, the guitar and bass amps which are really incredible and reverb and delay for the voices and guitar, and a little bit for drums too. I think I put too much on guitars. And I was doing some stuff with the silver compressor of Logic, it's very different to the normal one and the sound is somehow different too. I'm looking forward have more time for mixing and hear the difference between sounds more deeply. I'm very excited because that they is coming soon. Just 2 weeks for my first year.

Enjoy it!

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