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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

16th of December - Shiina (350th)

My favorite artist ever is a Japanese girl called Shiina Ringo, they spell it in so many different ways, Japanese language is weird, I prefer this one. The song that I've done is based in a german song of her that sounds like an anthem, but with basic sounds. I did my own one but it wasn't that cool as she does. 

Thoughts: Sometimes when I copy an idea it works, but the most of the times I lost character and I screw it up! I'm taking ideas of great artists and it's normal that I don't get closer to them, they are brilliant minds and I'm a humble learner. Anyway, it's good to realize this things, and learn from them, see that this people gets an x factor that makes their songs special, even when the sound is shit they know how to approach it and make it strong. I love that. But it's true that sometimes your brain doesn't want to create and do it so well. Is that the difference between normal people and genius?

I did a very bad use of the delay and reverb, due to the low volume that I had to mix the song as it was 4 in the morning and I could disturb my sleepy parents. The sound of the melody is quite good, it's called pressed, and somehow reminds a human voice, I wonder how they get that sound. I want to recreate something similar.

Enjoy it!

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