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Sunday, 15 December 2013

15th of December - Eva Negra (349th Song)

I've been hearing sikth a lot, they are one of my favorite bands ever, and I wanted to try something that could be similarto them.  I know that that's a incredibly difficult task but I love them and I have to start doing it if I wanna improve this trait.

Thoughts: My family was at home today and I couldn't play drums for this song so I went to the laptop and edited it without any playing. Later I was gonna record the guitars, but my amp was dead!!! I had to do it on the laptop as well with the guitar software instrument. So lame, but there's something good about it, I can get more crazy without learning impossible riffs with guitar.

I like the way Sikth play voices and get you crazy. I did it in my own way, not too loud, just close to the laptop's mic. And played with the reverb panning left and right, bypassing it and the distrotion that I added as well. The sound is very good but I like how it sounds and how it is.

Enjoy it!

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