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Sunday, 15 December 2013

14th of December - Serching In The Garbage (348th Song)

Another rehearsal with the cover band, it's been a long day but I had something to try, record from the mixing desk of the band to my computer though a cable. 

Thoughts: I record the whole rehearsal and this was the most presentable song in average, is a song called 'Buscando en la basura' by La Fuga, I don't really like it but it's the less embarrassing. We aren't very prepared for the gigs yet, but getting there. It's alright, we only rehearsed 3 times and we are doing quite good. I was able to do it after the fail in the last rehearse. Unfortunately the desk has no option to make a mix in the output that I had assigned to record. 

Enjoy it!

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