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Sunday, 15 December 2013

13th of December - Ain't it a Miracle? (347th Song)

I had an idea for a song AOR style. 

Thoughts: I've been very excited recording drums these days, I'm learning a lot just with 3 mics. I'm doing some improvements with the treatment of the drum mixing. I also recorded the guitar with my amp. It's very easy the riff, but for me it's a challenge because each chord is played with three fingers in high frets and my fingers are not skilled enough for that. I spent so many time with the compressions and learned a lot too about the differences of the attack and releases, in which parts is better to try changes, etc... I struggled a lot with the delay, I know that I needed it and that I wanted it rhythmically but when I put in in eight notes is too much and the 4th is too less. Maybe a mixture of both.

The song is quite cool, it talks about an adolescent girl growing up in a rough world. As I told before I like when the harmony is doing the same all the time and the melody give all the movement to the song. 

Enjoy it!

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