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Thursday, 12 December 2013

12th of December - Gabriele (346th Song)

When I started FORTUNA Quest I promised I would make the songs that I was requested to make. One was a song that I promised to my friend Gabriele about our friendship, but it turned very cheesy. 

Thoughts: Another friend told me yesterday to make a cumbia, I thought it would be a great idea, it's kind of easy style, and when I was doing it I remember that song that I owe to Gabriele, the feeling was cool to talk about us. 

I recorded a guide track with percussion but I decided to record all it myself with my drum kit except the congas. I'm used to play cumbia with my cover band, but I've never got in to it and I don't know which instruments they use to use. I just did an approach. The guitar on the off beat, and a good bass line. Then all the voices, it's very high for me and I didn't reach the notes very well and I wanted to make some backing vocals above the main voice but it was impossible. I also wanted to put an accordion or something like that but my brain is fried now, I can't do more. It feels very empty, but you can hear the idea very well. 

I'm loving what I did today I feel like I'm able to do so many thing! It's obvious that I've learned a lot, with more days ahead and some professional players and singers this song could be a megahit.

Enjoy it!

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