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Thursday, 12 December 2013

11th of December - Ratter Music (345th Song)

Sometimes old people, like me, feel like teenagers again, when they lived fast, with plenty of energy and wanting to rule the world. This is my case today, I remember when I was a hardcore-punk teenager and the fast music made me find myself. This is the first time that I'll record a song with a real drumkit and a real guitar amp. 

Thoughts: I like when I'm making music singing something and the chords just follow that perfectly, then I change a chord and everything changes, it creates a new magic. This is an example of some chords that makes this song very special. It reminds me some of my favorite bands when I was young: Limp, Undeclinable Ambuscade, Craig's Brother & Adhesive. All my influences blended to make this song, and from the beginning I knew that I wanted a doubled voice and which timbre it should be to sound like Limp. 

I did it very well. I recorded with my big drumkit and just 3 mics, I can't plug more right no, that's the next step. The bass was recorded throught the interface, I'd love to have a real bass amp to record this but it's ok, good enough this way. I recorded the guitars with one SM57 in one of the speakers, and I changed the sound from Left guitar to Right one so it would seem like there are two different guitarists playing. The mixing was cool, I was very focus and I did everything quite fast without wasting time in anything else. I used the effects quite good, maybe I miss some compression on the backing vocals, and there's a tiny bit too much reverb in the voices. My room has a lot of natural awful reverb already that the mic captures. And I don't sing very well some backing vocals. I feel how the energy is missing there. 

Anyway, the result is very cool, I'm very happy with this song, it's like a reward of all the work that I've done in this year. 

Enjoy it!

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