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Monday, 9 December 2013

28th of November - Requiem For Cani (332nd Song)

My gorgeous cat has passed away today, poor thing. I loved her more than anything else but she was old and she wasn't eating or drinking and we had to take her to the vet to end with her suffer. I'm writting this with tears in my eyes, and I made this song crying all the time. She deserves everything and I did the best as I could.

Thoughts: I don't remember to be this sad before in my life, I was expecting this for the last week and now it's a fact, I said good bye to her and I almost couldn't stand it. She was with me since 2004 and was like a daughter. I can't talk much about this song but I guess it sounds very sad, as I am. The 'wah' sound represents her meow and it represents the sound of the machine that shows your beat rate and at the end when you pass away the beep turns to a long note, the saddest sound ever. 


Enjoy it from heaven Cani!

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